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Build your Professional E-Commerce Site right away at the most affordable price. Start selling now.

Get rid of high costs!

Start using your Professional E-Commerce Site within minutes, E-commerce site with prices starting from 119₺ per month...

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Get the Android app for free by ordering annually.

Move your business to E-Commerce today, have the E-Commerce System where you will sell all over the world at the most affordable price.

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Quick Setup

Choose the template, set the domain, create the order and your E-Commerce site is ready in minutes.

User Friendly

While your users are shopping easily, do all your transactions quickly and easily from the administration panel.

Payment Integrations

Start receiving payments immediately with Paytr, iyzico, Moka, Shopier, Weepay and more that come ready in packages.

Jet Support

Find answers to all your questions with ready-made User Guides and Administration Panel tools. Get instant answers to all your questions with our support team and the artificial intelligence assistant integrated into the management panel when you have difficulty and cannot take action.

Responsive Design

You can offer your E-Commerce site hassle-free shopping pleasure from any device. All designs are equipped with special Mobile and Tablet views and are designed to give your users a perfect shopping experience.

SEO Compatible

Enjoy the privilege of being in the lead without Ads with Special Seo Plugins that integrate with the Management Panel and provide the opportunity to configure it in accordance with the algorithms of search engines.

SSL Certificate

All Cloud E-Commerce Packages use Sectigo and Let's encrypt security certificates. It is renewed annually within the free package.

E Mail

10 e-mail addresses are given in all packages. You do not pay extra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, our services are billed monthly, you pay upfront for the month you want to use.

When do you deliver the e-commerce site?

Installation and adjustments take between 5 and 30 minutes depending on the processing intensity. Customizations you want can extend the time.

What is virtual pos?

Paytr and Iyzico Virtual Pos Modules are installed on your e-commerce site free of charge. If you prefer a different virtual pos, the infrastructure compatibility will be checked and you will be contacted.

Can Anyone Use Virtual POS?

Non-company users cannot complete the Virtual POS activation. Users included in this category can use the E-Commerce Hosting service as a catalog site where they can showcase their products or services.

How are upgrades done?

You will be notified by the system when your Disk space or Traffic space is nearing the end of its capacity. When the capacity is full, access to your site is interrupted. When your capacity reaches the usage limit, you can purchase additional disk and additional traffic and continue to publish your e-commerce site without interrupting your access.

We haven't used it before, can you help?

We have an information pool system that we offer only to our e-commerce customers so that you can get information and adapt easily. You can find answers to every question you have there. Are you requesting different support, just create a support request and wait for our Jet Support team to quickly resolve your requests :)

Webmail feature

There are 10 Corporate E-Mail addresses that you can use within the packages.

Android Application

The Android application, which is billed 399₺ + VAT on monthly orders, is given free of charge for annual orders.